Three lectures at the Power Institute | Frédéric Ogée, Tamar Garb and Sheridan Palmer


Three lectures at the Power Institute in Sydney over the next three weeks by interstate and international guest speakers. 

Frédéric Ogée
Hogarth’s Bodies
Thursday 20 October, 6.00pm

In his choice of subjects and in his painting technique, William Hogarth’s rendering of ‘life’ is remarkable for its tangible physicality. In this lecture, Professor Ogée argues that Hogarthian beauty and grace, far from being abstract concepts or resulting from the formal application of a set of rules, emerge as transient, ‘living’, physical phenomena, apprehended by the beholder through visual representations of the bodies’ natural and ‘peculiar’ movements. Frédéric Ogée is Professor of British Literature and Art History at Université Paris Diderot.

Philosophy Room S249
The Quadrangle
The University of Sydney, Camperdown Campus

Tamar Garb
Painting/Photography/Politics: Marlene Dumas and the Figuration of Difference
Wednesday 26 October, 6.00pm

Professor Garb’s lecture focuses on Dutch/South African Marlene Dumas’ reworking of selected images in order to question contemporary painting’s capacity to address history, in particular its spectacular/photogenic trace. Referencing Dumas’ painted reworking of both an old school photograph and an iconic depiction of Mme Pauline Lumumba, it asks what painting can do when it takes on the photographic past. Tamar Garb is Durning Lawrence Professor in the History of Art at University College London.

CPC Lecture Theatre
Charles Perkins Centre, Johns Hopkins Drive
The University of Sydney, Camperdown Campus

Sheridan Palmer
Biography as Nachleben or Bernard Smith’s Afterlife
Monday 31 October, 6.30pm

This lecture will look at some of the celebrated and contentious qualities of Australian art historian Bernard Smith that made him one of the most original and brilliant cultural historians of the twentieth century—a man who fearlessly helped steer Australia’s art and cultural identity to where it stands today. Sheridan Palmer is author of the recent Power Publications title, Hegel’s Owl: The Life of Bernard Smith.

49 Glebe Point Rd
Glebe, Sydney

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