Issue 1



Chapter 1: Front Matter

Chapter 2: Derek Gillman – The Export of National Treasures: Reasonable or Treasonable?

BUY CHAPTER Chapter 3: Astrid Wooton – On Circe’s Island: Subversive Power Relationships in a Painting by Sinibaldo Scorza

Sinibaldo Scorza’s Circe, Ulysses and the Animals is more than a straightforward representation of the story of Circe told in Homer’s Odyssey. The combination of
Circe, Ulysses, and a doe indicates that it is informed by a knowledge of one of the dialogues in Giambattista Gelli’s Circe (1548) in which the doe, in an argument strongly feminist in tone, argues for the rationality and intelligence of women. This composition seems to have been the starting point for the rich Genoese tradition of representing this sorceress.

Chapter 4: Alison Leach – Bellotto’s Forum Romanun in the National Gallery of Victoria Reconsidered

BUY CHAPTER  Chapter 5: Catherine Dynan – The 1989 Design for Flinders Street Station: James Fawcett, Henry Ashworth and the Arts and Crafts Movement.

The history of Flinders Street Railway Station began in 1882 when the Victorian Government allocated funds towards the construction of a central railway terminus for Melbourne. After several unrealised projects, in 1899 a competition was held for a new design, won by James Fawcett and Henry Ashworth. This design responded to international and local developments, especially the Arts and Crafts movement, and formed the basis for the executed building,

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