Issue 4

Melbourne Art Journal Issue 4



  Front and end matter

BUY CHAPTER  Dagmar EichbergerThe Margaret Manion Lecture 1999: A Renaissance Princess named Margaret. Fashioning a Public Image in a Courtly Society

BUY CHAPTER  Vivien SobchakThe Jospeh Burke Lecture 2000: What is Film History?, or the Riddle of the Sphinxes

 BUY CHAPTER Mark P. McDonald – Pedro Perret and Pedro de Villafranca y Malagón. Printmakers to the Spanish Hapsburgs

BUY CHAPTER  Tonia Eckfeld – The Virtuous Wife. Portrait of an Imperial Concubine in the Tang Dynasty Tomb of Crown Prince Li Xian

  Art History Theses at Universities in Melbourne completed in 1999

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