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Author Title Issue Pages
Melbourne Art Journal, Issue
11-12, 2008-9. Europe and Australia. Edited by David R. Marshall
84 Pullin, Ruth The Vulkaneifel and Victoria’s Western District:
Eugène von Guérard and the Geognostic Landscape
Issue 11/12 pp. 6-50
83 Jordan, Caroline and Veronica Filmer ‘Old Sayer’s Picture Gallery’: James Whitley Sayer,
Founder of the Geelong Gallery
Issue 11/12 pp. 34–49
82 Stocker, Mark ‘Director of the Canoe’: The Auckland Statue of Sir
George Grey
Issue 11/12 pp. 50
81 Williams, Katti Sublime Ruins: William Lucas Project for the
Australian WWI War Memorial at Villers-Bretonneux, France
Issue 11/12 pp. 64
80 Maskill, David Imperial Lines: Harold Wright (1885–1961):
Printmaking and Collecting at the End of Empire
Issue 11/12 pp. 86
79 Pierse, Simon Sir Kenneth Clark: Deus Ex Machina of Australian Art Issue 11/12 pp. 104–119
78 Read, Richard Intra-Extra-Recto-Verso: Reversed Paintings and
Ontological Realms
Issue 11/12 pp. 120–135
77 Baker, Alex It’s All About You: Generosity in the Art of Harrell
Issue 11/12 pp. 136–149
Melbourne Art Journal, Issue
9-10, 2006-7. Art, Site and Spectacle. Studies in Early Modern Visual
Culture. Edited by David R. Marshall
76 Marshall, David R. Preface Issue 9/10 p. 7
75 Gaston, Robert W. Introduction: Some Meditations on Space and Place in Recent Florentine Art History Issue 9/10 p. 8–13
74 Hudson, Hugh Fra Angelico and Paolo Uccello in the Early
Issue 9/10 pp. 14–33
73 Baker-Bates, Piers Sebastiano del Piombo’s Ubeda Pietà: Between Italy and Spain Issue 9/10 pp. 34–43
72 Wolfe, Karin Francesco Trevisani and Landscape: Joseph Sold into Slavery in the National Gallery of Victoria Issue 9/10 pp. 44-61
71 Gaston, Robert W. Untangling the Mannerist Narrative: Bronzino, Moses and Eleanora of Toledo in the Palazzo de’ Signori, Florence Issue 9/10 pp. 62–77
70 Strunck, Christina The Marvel Not Only of Rome, But of All Italy’: The
Galleria Colonna, Its Design History and Pictorial Programme 1661–1700
Issue 9/10 pp. 78–103
69 Witte, Arnold Hermits in High Society: Private Retreats in Late
Issue 9/10 pp. 104–119
68 Marshall, David R. Giovani Paolo Panini as Architectural Critic: The
Competition for the Façade of S. Giovanni in Laterano in 1732 and the Quirinal Caffeaus
Issue 9/10 pp. 120–142
67 Beaven, Lisa Claude Lorrain’s Harbour Scenes: Sun, Science and the Theatre in the Barberini Years Issue 9/10 pp. 144–162
66 Grant, Katrina Teatri di Verzura: Hedge Theatres
in Baroque Lucca
Issue 9/10 pp. 162–175
65 Shepheard, Mark D. Will the Real Boccherini Please Stand Up’: New Light on an Eighteenth-Century Portrait in the National Gallery of Victoria Issue 9/10 pp. 176–197
64 Gott, Ted It is Lovely to be a Gorilla, Sometimes’: The Art
and Influence of Emmanuel Frémiet, Gorilla Sculptor
Issue 9/10 pp. 198–219
Melbourne Art Journal, Issue 8,
63 Marshall, David R. Editorial Issue 8 p. 3
62 Marshall, Christopher R. The Spirit of Caesar in this Soul of a Woman’:
Artemisia Gentileschi and the Will to Succeed. 1629–1654
Issue 8 pp. 4-27
61 Neale, Anne Land Labour and Gold: Eugen von Guérard or Edward La Trobe Bateman? Issue 8 pp. 28–41
60 Ebury, Frances The Trail of the Title: Image and Text in Australian
Pictorialist Photography
Issue 8 pp. 42–51
59 Zdanowicz, Irena Painting from the Inside Out: Fred Williams’ Travels and His Relationship to the European Tradition Issue 8 pp. 52–67
58 Den Hartog, Lesley Chinese Gardens in Australia: Diasporic Gardens or Theme Parks? Issue 8 pp. 69–85
57 Anderson, Jaynie Interrogating Joe Burke and His Legacy Issue 8 pp. 88–101
56 Palmer, Sheridan Ursula Hoff and the German Tradition Issue 8 pp. 102–111
55 Holden, Colin Insights from Ursula Hoff’s Diaries while Felton
Bequest Adviser
Issue 8 pp. 112–115
54 Monica Lausch Franz Philipp and the Vienna School of Art History in Australia Issue 8 pp. 116–127
53 Various Art History Theses at Universities in Melbourne
Complete in 2003–2005
Issue 8 pp. 128–133
Melbourne Art Journal, Issue 7,
2004. ‘The Italians’ in Australia: Studies in Renaissance and Baroque Art. Edited by David R. Marshall
52 Marshall, David R. Preface Issue 7 pp. 9–12
51 Spear, Richard E. What is an Original? Issue 7 pp. 15–32
50 Gregory, John The Colour of Mannerism: Some Exploratory
Observations, Focusing on Jacopo Bassano’s Martyrdom of St Catherine
Issue 7 pp. 33–40
49 Marshall, Christopher R. Markets, Money and Artistic Manoeuvres: Reflections on Bernardo Cavalino and the Grand Manner Issue 7 pp. 41–48
48 Marshall, David R. Carlevaris & Canaletto, Piranesi & Panini:
The Paradoxes of the Serial Veduta
Issue 7 pp. 49–66
47 Lucco, Mauro Lorenzo Lotto and the Interpretation of Venetian
Sixteenth-Century Portraits
Issue 7 pp. 69–86
46 Anderson, Jaynie Bittersweet Love. Giorgione’s
Portraits of Masculine Friendship
Issue 7 pp. 87–94
45 Beaven, Lisa Bernini’s Last Papal Portrait and its Audience: The Statue of Pope Clement X Altieri Issue 7 pp. 95–106
44 Hill, Michael The Informality of Baccicio’s Portrait
of Cardinal Spinola
Issue 7 pp. 107–114
43 Marshall, Louise Luxury and Pathos in Romanino’s Christ
Carrying the Cross
Issue 7 pp. 131–144
42 Russell, Susan Annibale Carracci’s St Margaret and the
Single-Figure Altarpiece Around 1600
Issue 7 pp. 145–152
41 Gaston, Robert W. The Rhetoric of Atrocity: Guercino’s Martyrdom of St Lawrence in Lugano Issue 7 pp. 153–166
40 Gaston, Vivien Virile Cittadino: Rosso Fiorentino’s Moses Defending the Daughters of Jethro Issue 7 pp. 169–178
39 Zika, Charles The Corsini Witchcraft Scene by Salvator Rosa: Magic, Violence and Death Issue 7 pp. 179–190
38 Morgan, Luke Guercino’s Et in Arcadia Ego and Eighteenth-Century Landscape Design Issue 7 pp. 191–196
Melbourne Art Journal, Issue 6
37 Marshall, David R. and Gaston, Robert W. Editorial Issue 6 pp. 3-4
36 Morgan, Nigel Gendered Devotions and Social Rituals: The Aspremont Psalter-‘Hours’ and the Image of the Patron in Late Thirteenth and Early Fourteenth-Century France Issue 6 pp. 5–24
35 Spinks, Jennifer Education and Entertainment: The Redecoration of Marie-Adélaïde of Savoy’s Ménagerie at Versailles Issue 6 pp. 25–34
34 Marshall, David R. Carnevale, Conversazione and Villeggiatura: Villa Life in the Eighteenth Century Issue 6 pp. 35–64
33 Russell, Susan Herman van Swanevelt’s Landscape Prints in the Tom Roberts Album at the Art Gallery of New South Wales Issue 6 pp. 65–76
32 Galbally, Ann Art, Art Nouveau and Anti-Art: Charles Conder and the Aesthetics of the 1890s Issue 6 pp. 77–92
31 Stocker, Mark Pakeha Praxiteles: The Sculpture of Margaret Butler Issue 6 pp. 93–106
30 Various Art History Theses at Universities in Melbourne
completed in 2001–2003
Issue 6 pp. 107–115
Melbourne Art Journal, Issue 5,
29 Marshall, David R. Editorial: The Italians Exhibition Issue 5 pp. 3–4
28 Lloyd, Joan Barclay Mary, Queen of the Angels: Byzantine and Roman Images of the Virgin and Child Enthroned with Attendant Angels Issue 5 pp. 5–24
27 Inglis, Alison The Queen of the South’: Archaeology and Empire in Edward J. Poynter’s The Visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon Issue 5 pp. 25–40
26 Savill, Merilyn The Triple Portrait of Piere Bernard, Gérard
Edelinck and Nicolas de Lagillière and the Debate in the French Academy in 1686 over the Status of Engravers
Issue 5 pp. 41–52
25 Paffen, Paul A Grand Illusion: Benjamin Duterrau and The Conciliation Issue 5 pp. 53–70
24 Rosario, Iva Josef Kucik’s Sgraffito Murals in the Church of the
Holy Trinity, New Norcia
Issue 5 pp. 71–82
23 Various Art History Theses at Universities in Melbourne
completed in 2000
Issue 5 pp. 83–87
Melbourne Art Journal, Issue 4,
22 Marshall, David R. Editorial Issue 4 pp. 3
21 Eichberger, Dagmar A Renaissance Princess named Margaret: Fashioning a Public Image in a Courtly Society Issue 4 pp. 4–24
20 Sobchack, Vivien What is Film History? Or the Riddle of the Sphinxes Issue 4 pp. 25–36
19 McDonald, Mark P. Pedro Perret and Pedro de Villafranca: Printmakers to the Spanish Hapsburgs Issue 4 pp. 37–51
18 Eckfeld, Tonia The Virtuous Wife: The Mural Decoration in the Tang Dynasty Tomb of Crown Prince Li Xian Issue 4 pp. 52–63
17 Various Art History Theses at Universities in Melbourne
completed in 1999
Issue 4 pp. 64–71
Melbourne Art Journal, Issue 3,
16 Eichberger, Dagmar Ursula Hoff: A Tribute Issue 3 pp. 3–4
15 Weil, Stephen When the Audience takes Stage Centre Issue 3 pp. 5–13
14 Russell, Susan Virtuous Women: The Decoration of Donna Olimpia Pamphilij’s Audience Room in the Palazzo Pamphilj in Piazza Navona Issue 3 pp. 14–24
13 Beaven, Lisa Camillo Massimo as Patron of Sculptors: François Duquesnot, Alessandro Algardi, Francesco Fontana and Cosimo Fancelli Issue 3 pp. 25–36
12 Inglis, Alison Painting for Eternity’: Edward Poynter and the
‘Kensington Valhalla’
Issue 3 pp.37-54
11 Various Art History Theses at Universities in Melbourne
completed in 1997–1998
Issue 3 pp. 55–62
Melbourne Art Journal, Issue 2,
10 Marshall, David R. Editorial Issue 2 p. 3
9 Creed, Barbara Modernity and Misogyny: Film and the Public Erotic Issue 2 pp. 4–14
8 McDonald, Mark P. A Drawing by Antonio del Castillo y Saavedra in the British Museum Issue 2 pp. 15–22
7 Dwyer, Jillian The Lone Hand Case: The Critical Response to Bernard Hall’s Sleep in New Zealand Issue 2 pp. 23–32
6 Lloyd, Joan Barclay The Architecture of the Church of the Immaculate
Conception, Hawthorn
Issue 2 pp. 33–46
Melbourne Art Journal, Issue 1,
5 Marshall, David R. Editorial Issue 1 p. 1
4 Gillman, Derek The Export of National Treasures: Reasonable or
Issue 1 pp. 2–16
3 Wootton, Astrid On Circe’s Island: Subversive Power Relationships in a Painting by Sinibaldo Scorza Issue 1 pp. 17–24
2 Leach, Alison Bellotto’s Forum Romanum in the National Gallery of Victoria Reconsidered Issue 1 p. 25–31
1 Dynan, Catherine The 1899 Design for Flinders Street Station: James Fawcett, Henry Ashworth and the Arts and Crafts Movement Issue 1 pp. 32–42

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