Issue 7: The Italians

Melbourne Art journal Issue 7: ‘The Italians’

Issue 7



Chapter 1 – The Production of Art

Richard Spear – What is an Original?

John Gregory – The Colour of Mannerism: Some Exploratory Observations, Focusing on Jacopo Bassano’s Martyrdom of St Catherine

Christopher R. Marshall – Markets, Money and Artistic Manoeuvres: Reflections on Bernardo Cavallino and the Grand Manner

David R. Marshall – Carlevaris & Canaletto, Piranesi & Panini: The Paradoxes of the Serial Veduta

Chapter 2 – The Portrait

Mauro Lucco – Lorenzo Lotto and the Interpretation of Venetian 16th century Portraits

Jaynie Anderson Bittersweet Love. Giorgione’s Portraits of Masculine Friendship

Lisa Beaven – Bernini’s Last Papal Portrait and its Audience: The Statue of Pope Clement X Altieri

Michael Hill – The Informality of Baciccio’s Portrait of Cardinal Spinola

Chapter 3 – Devotion and Martyrdom

Louise Marshall – Luxury and pathos in Romanino’s Christ Carrying the Cross

Susan Russell – Annibale Carracci’s St. Margaret and the Single-figure Altarpiece in Rome around 1600

Robert Gaston – The rhetoric of atrocity Guercino’s Martyrdom of St Lawrence

Chapter 4 – Virility, Magic and Memento Mori

Vivien GastonVirile Cittadino: Rosso Fiorentino’s Moses Defending the Daughters of Jethro

Charles Zika – The Corsini Witchcraft Scene by Salvator Rosa: Magic, Violence and Death

Luke Morgan – Guercino’s Et in Arcadia Ego and Eighteenth-Century Landscape Design

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