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The Melbourne Art Network posts free one-off notices about art and art history events, public exhibitions, jobs, conferences and funding opportunities, with particular emphasis on academic and non-commercial organisations.

We also accept paid advertisements for exhibitions, jobs, and events on an ongoing basis, which gives your events, funding opportunity or exhibition daily exposure to an interested audience.

The MAN website and its daily email digest receive over 10 000 views per week. Our daily emails go out to around 1500 people with an audience of art historians, practice-led researchers, artists, curators and museum professionals, and a general audience with a keen interest in art, art history, exhibitions and the humanities.

MAN is an ideal venue for advertising jobs in the arts and academia, art exhibitions, books on art and art history, events and symposia.

Advertising helps to support the ongoing costs of operating the Melbourne Art Network as we receive no other funding.

The following is a general guide to pricing, but please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Website only (advert on sidebar) $100 per week/ $160 per fortnight/ $300 per month.

Email only (advert on email header/sidebar) $100/$80 per week/ $160/$130 per fortnight/ $300/$250 per month.

Website and email newsletter $150 per week/ $250 per fortnight/ $500 per month.

Discounted rates are available for independent artists and individuals wanting to advertise exhibitions or similar from as little as $50 per week.

To discuss advertising rates please email