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Image Credit: Sabella D’Souza, ~my motherland is a  mouthful~, 2016, video, 5:24 minutes.  Courtesy of the artist.

Image Credit: Sabella D’Souza, ~my motherland is a mouthful~, 2016, video, 5:24 minutes. Courtesy of the artist.

Exhibition Dates: 3rd – 24th September 2016

Opening Friday 2nd September, 6-8pm

Paul Handley Liberte

Multidisciplinary artist Paul Handley presents his new project Liberte, an installation of photographic images from Greece, with his Portable Protest Pod (a text based banner from the streets of Athens). Liberte explores the discourse around democracy and geographic placement while expanding on Handley’s ongoing site-specific work Meeting Points for Democracy – a text based narrative that provides a platform to connect individuals who do not typically identify themselves as protesters and those that would otherwise have no social or economic voice. Paul Handley is a New Zealand born Melbourne-based multidisciplinary artist who exhibits regularly both nationally & internationally. Recent projects and exhibitions include the National Contemporary Art Award; Waikato Museum 2013-16, New Zealand; Festival Internacional de Arte Camuflado 2015, Cuenca Spain, MPFD Syntagma Square, Athens; Global Project Space, Berlin; Proposal Base, Buitenplaats Koningsweg, Armham Netherlands; 2013 Substation Contemporary Art Prize; and AGORA 4th Athens Biennale 2013, Athens Greece. www.paulhandley.com

Unfolding / Folding Courtney Coombs, Sabella D’Souza, Kate Just, Alice Lang and Hannah Raisin. Curated by Alyce Neal

Unfolding / Folding considers contemporary feminist discourse through an expanded concept of performance. Each artist references performative elements; movement, objects, space and action to critically discuss heteronormative structures that privilege a universal viewpoint. Through this performative framework, the complexities and possibilities of feminist discourse are considered; temporality, virtual and public space, narrative and learning structures to disrupt the neoliberal politics shaping mainstream feminism. Drawn from Hannah Raisin’s Fold (2015), Unfolding / Folding positions itself within a discourse of collective action. Unfolding / Folding situates feminism as a method of inquiry, a network of visible and subversive strategies through a range of media and perspectives. Such a framework aligns with recent work by Amelia Jones and her term ‘para feminism’ and projects such as BACKFLIP: Feminism and humour in Contemporary Art (2013) and AS IF: 40 Years and Beyond -Celebrating the Women’s Art Register (2015). http://courtneycoombs.com/ www.katejust.com www.alicelang.com http://hannahraisin.com/

Katie Ryan Domain

Domain is a site specific installation composed of cast and constructed elements. Domain explores the delicate space that exists between subjective experience and the concrete world. Abstracted forms engage with the architecture, questioning what we perceive and from what vantage point we perceive it. Domain seeks to investigate the ambiguity of our surroundings. A wall has two sides, but also an inside, a top and a bottom. Beyond this physical variety lies the openended multiplicity of one’s perception of a space. Our experiences are mediated by our cultural and personal histories. When we perceive a wall it is constructed out of every past experience that has led up to this encounter. There is a space between me and the world and there is a space between me and you. Domain is an exploration into this space. Katie Ryan’s practice explores ideas of experience, subjectivity and perception. Ryan is concerned with how we perceive the world around us and how this experience is mediated our cultural and social surroundings. Her works are generated from everyday objects, which are abstracted to create forms that teeter between the familiar and the


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