Symposium | Feeling Exclusion: Emotional Strategies and Burdens of Religious Discrimination and Displacement in Early Modern Europe

Feeling Exclusion: Emotional Strategies and Burdens of Religious Discrimination and Displacement in Early Modern Europe

29-31 May 2014, University of Melbourne

Image Credit: Hans Holbein, The Expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, woodcut, in Les Simulachres et Historiées Faces de la Mort, Lyon: Melchior and Caspar Trechsel, 1538.

Discrimination and exclusion have long been strategies used by authorities to maintain authority and control. Fundamental to the success of such strategies, and ultimately also to their removal, is the role of emotion. The aim of this symposium is to explore an important stage in the European history of exclusion between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, a time when political and religious upheaval forced an unprecedented number of people to flee their homelands or to live in a state of internal exile. The symposium will focus on the use of emotions in the experience of exile and displacement, the stereotyping of the marginal and excluded, and conflicts over toleration.

Venue:   Graduate House 220 Leicester St. Carlton

Free Public Lecture
The Cry of the Excluded: A Writer’s Perspective | Arnold Zable
We all have a story to tell, and the denial of the story can lead to despair. This despair is the age-old cry of the excluded. Drawing on his journey as a writer and as a human rights advocate, Zable will explore this cry in contemporary settings and recent history, and explore ways of enabling the excluded to have their cry heard, their stories told, and their anguish recognised.
Date:        29 May
Time:       6.15pm
Venue:     Latham Theatre | Redmond Barry Building | University of Melbourne
Choral Concert
From Mourning to Joy ­ Exclusion and Redemption: Music by Heinrich Schütz, Johann Hermann Schein, Josquin des Pres and others | e21 
Vivien Hamilton, Erika Tandiono, Rebecca Bywater, Anna Plotka, Michael Edwards, Jacob Lawrence, Steven Hodgson, John Weretka, directed by Stephen Grant.
Date: 30th May
Time: 6.15 pm
Venue: Trinity Chapel, Trinity College, Royal Pde, Parkville
Register with conference, or tickets at door, $15 conc / $20 full