Conferences, symposia, talks, walks and other art events in Melbourne and further afield.

Exhibition | Albert Tucker and the Mystery of H. D. | Heide Museum of Modern Art

H. Dearing
Approach to Princes Bridge
oil on canvas on cardboard
46 x 75 cm
Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne
Purchased from John and Sunday Reed 1980

The exhibition Albert Tucker and the Mystery of H. D. is on at Heide Museum of Modern Art until 15th February 2015. In 1944 Albert Tucker discovered two intriguing paintings in a bicycle shop in Swanston Street, Melbourne. Attracted by their naive artistry set about trying to identify the painter, the works were  unsigned. He was told that the pictures had belonged to Professor Alfred Henry Tipper, a travelling showman and trick cyclist who was depicted in the images, and who had died in April that year. After being told that the paintings…

2014 Joseph Burke Lecture | Thomas Woolner in Australia -Angus Trumble

Woolner, Thomas, 
Charles Joseph La Trobe, plaster medallion, 1853. State Library of Victoria.

Thomas Woolner (1825-1892), sculptor and poet, born 17 December 1825 at Hadleigh, Suffolk, England. In 1842 he gained admission as a student at the Royal Academy. In 1847 Woolner met D. G. Rossetti and became an original member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. Woolner arrived Melbourne 23 October 1852. He was at the diggings in the Ovens Valley and in the Fryer’s Creek, Castlemaine and Sandhurst areas. Woolner found some gold but after six months sold his tools and returned to Melbourne. He began to model medallions but had to dig…

Conference | Nature in the Dark: a trans-disciplinary conference | La Trobe Bendigo


Nature in the Dark is a trans-disciplinary conference on animal perception at the intersection of the arts, science and conservation It is a spin-off from the Nature in the Dark – project, a continuing art/science/conservation collaboration between the Centre for Creative (CCA), La Trobe University, and the Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA), this conference will address our relationship to animals in a wider ecological context by approaching it from artistic, scientific and conservationist angles The yawning gaps in our understanding of the intricate connections of eco-systems, which we are still…

Lecture | Vic McEwan – Contemporary Creative Arts at Work in the Community


Vic McEwan, artistic director of the artist led organisation Cad Factory, will present examples of a new mode for art making which partners deeply with business, health and communities. Dispelling myths that engaging with communities dilutes the artistic output, he will highlight the opportunities that exist to engage high level, experimental, contemporary art making while enaging directly with the practical world. McEwan will share examples from previous partnerships with organisations such as SunRice and exploration of things as complex as The Murray Darling Basin Plan, as well as talking about…

Cultural Evening at National Gallery of Victoria | ICOM-CC 2014 Events

Mathew Gill Tjupurrula [Mathew Gill] Snake Country [The fight of the snakes] 1986, synthetic polymer paint on canvas 50.8 x 76.2 cm Catalogue no. 22 E080666
Acquired 28/4/1987 Australian MuseumMathew Gill Tjupurrula [Mathew Gill] Snake Country [The fight of the snakes] 1986, synthetic polymer paint on canvas 50.8 x 76.2 cm Catalogue no. 22 E080666
Acquired 28/4/1987 Australian Museum

  Australian Aboriginal culture has a unique place in the world, being the oldest continuous living culture. The ICOM-CC Cultural Evening celebrates Australia’s extraordinary Indigenous cultures, and includes performance and story-telling. Featuring artists and performers from the Warmun Art Centre and Walayirti Artists this event presents a unique opportunity to experience Australia’s rich Indigenous cultures, and a cultural legacy that stretches back at least 50,000 years. This event will be held in the Great Hall at the National Gallery of Victoria.The Warmun Art Centre and Walayirti Artists represent the Aboriginal communities of Warmun and Balgo…

Q & A | How Does Culture Contribute to Development? | ICOM-CC 2014 Events


Interactive Q&A Panel Discussion Part of the ICOM-CC 17th Triennial Conference – this event is free and open to all. Register to attend here. Date: Tuesday, 16 September 2014 | 5.30pm – 6.45pm Venue: Room 105 & 106, Melbourne Convention Centre, 1 Convention Centre Place, MELBOURNE  VIC  3006 This event is hosted by the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Melbourne School of Government and is in addition to the ICOM-CC 17th Triennial Conference being held this year in Melbourne from 15 to 19 September 2014.The theme of ICOM-CC’s 17th Triennial Conference is Building Strong Culture…

Exhibition | Delinquent Angel: John Perceval’s Ceramic Angels | Shepparton Art Museum


The exhibition Delinquent Angel: John Perceval’s ceramic angels is on at Shepparton Art Museum (SAM) until 24 November 2014. John Perceval AO is one of Australia’s most celebrated and loved artists renowned for his radicalism, expressiveness and prolific output, along with his complex personal life. As a member of the Angry Penguins avante-garde movement that began in the 1940s, Perceval joined with other Australian art luminaries Arthur Boyd, Albert Tucker, Sidney Nolan, Danila Vassilieff and Joy Hester to rail against the insular conservatism of Australian society and push for new voices…

Symposium on art and creativity in Aboriginal communities to promote Healing Ways


The healing power of art made by Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples is the subject of a Symposium at The Dax Centre on 19 and 20 September. This is a new exploration of the significance of Aboriginal art. The symposium will address a range of urgent and relevant topics on Indigenous art including art as therapy, community art projects, the role of arts centres in healing and Australian Indigenous contemporary art practices. The inspiring two-day symposium titled Healing Ways: Art with Intent will be opened by Professor Ian Anderson,…

Exhibition | Living Museum of the West. The Museum is the Region, the Region is the Museum


West Space presents a project at the Living Museum of the West - The Museum is the Region, the Region is the Museum Artists: Avni Dauti, Lisa Radford and Kim Munro and Sam George, Susan Jacobs, Mikhail Karikis & Uriel Orlow, Kerrie Poliness, Geoff Robinson. Curated by Danny Lacy, Liang Luscombe & Patrice Sharkey Exhibition Dates: Sunday 7 September – Sunday 5 October 2014 (12-5pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday)Location: The Living Museum of the West is located at Pipemakers Park, Van Ness Avenue, Maribyrnong. Melway Map 28 B10. See the Westpace website for more detail directions and a…

Symposium | Rooms for Thought: Radical Uses of Museum Collections

MUM collections symposium

Rooms for Thought examines recent curatorial initiatives with collections, undertaken both by artists and curators alike. We are delighted to bring Dr Clémentine Deliss to Australia to discuss her groundbreaking work with ethnographic collections at Weltkulturen Museum, Frankfurt, as well as Jaroslaw Suchan, whose unconventional curatorial approach to the collections at Muzeum Sztuki has brought great attention to this artist-initiated regional museum in Lodz, Poland. These keynote speakers will be joined by Australian and New Zealand artists, academics and curators in a program designed to look at the movement away from…

Symposium | Cultural materials conservation: China and Australia programs


The Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation together with the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology, Henan Provincial Administration of Cultural Heritage and the School of History at Zhengzhou University, China will present their internationally significant research on cultural materials excavation, research and conservation in China. The three organisations are internationally recognised institutes located in China’s material culture heartland and have investigated over 30,000 archaeological sites, including the tomb of the First Emperor of China and his terracotta army, the mausolea of Han and Tang emperors, as well as palace sites, Buddhist temples, kiln…

Artist Salon at the Islamic Museum of Australia | Talk on ‘El Gran Turco’

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If you missed Adam Bushby’s talk on El Gran Turco: Ottoman Turks in Venetian painting, 1453-1571 at the Melbourne Portrait Group you have another chance to hear it at a session of the IMA’s monthly artist salon. See the flier below or visit the website for more information 

Lecture | Sound Matters: One Energy Among Others – Douglas Kahn


Gertrude, Discipline and Liquid Architecture – Theories and Histories of Sound Douglas Kahn will give the second lecture in a series presented by Gertrude Contemporary, Discipline and Liquid Architecture festival on the theories and histories of sound. This exploratory talk will follow from Douglas Kahn’s most recent book, Earth Sound Earth Signal: Energies and Earth Magnitude in the Arts (University of California Press, 2013). The book, over a decade in the making, is a fundamental reworking in the histories of science, communications, music and the arts to account for the…

Symposium | Kiffy Rubbo and The George Paton Gallery: Curating the 1970s


A dynamic and unique force in Australian art, Kiffy Rubbo was director of the Ewing (later the George Paton) Gallery, at the University of Melbourne Student Union, 1971-1980. For the first time, her major role in Australian visual culture as well as her legacy are explored. Her curatorial strategies and the narratives she proposed about contemporary art are investigated together with the Gallery’s radical agenda. With Meredith Rogers, assistant director (1974-1979), Rubbo devised an innovative and inclusive program presenting a wide range of artforms. Under Rubbo’s leadership, the Gallery became…

Panel Discussions on Culture and Heritage

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 7.08.40 PM (2)

A series of Panel Discussions are being held as a precursor to the ICOM-CC 17th Triennial Conference 2014 ( The events are jointly organised by The Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation at the University of Melbourne and The Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials (AICCM). The panel discussions are open to the public for participation. The events expand on the conference theme of ‘Building strong culture through conservation’ that celebrates the preservation of culture as a powerful and positive force in strengthening society, enhancing people’s sense of identity,…