Online Resource | The Artist’s Handbook from Taylor & Francis

tah_web_banners_v1Taylor & Francis/Routledge have put together a range of popular and important articles on art history and art theory published in the various journals that they publish. This collection has been called ‘The Artist’s Handbook’ (why not the  The Art Historian’s Handbook?) and is divided into four sections on Genres, Eras, Icons (actually ‘Artists’ really) and How-to (Materials and Techniques probably a better name). These categories (and the descriptions of them) are all rather basic*, but the positive aspect of this initiative is that all articles included in the collections have apparently been made open access to read online or to download. From a quick scan the collection seems to include several hundred articles from important journals, making this a useful collection for anyone who doesn’t have ready access to online journal databases.

You can browse the collection here.


* The name ‘How-to’ section implies it includes practical information for artists, so the fact that it includes articles such as Rebecca Farbstein’s Making art, making society: the social significance of small-scale innovations and experimentation in Palaeolithic portable art as though it might provide some useful information to current practising artists is rather hilarious.


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