Exhibition | 21st Century Heide – The Collection Since 2000

Exhibition Dates: March 28th, 2015 until 14th June 2015.


On March 28, 2015 an exhibition celebrating recent acquisitions of contemporary art will open at Heide Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection. 21st Century Heide: The Collection Since 2000 will use all three galleries, and include works by Gareth Sansom, Rosslynd Piggott and Patricia Piccinini, among others. The artworks demonstrate the generosity of donors and a positive response to Heide’s integration of modernist and contemporary art.

Over 1500 artworks have been acquired by Heide since the turn of the century, from a small gem of a painting by Frank Hinder from the 1950s to a monumental installation by contemporary artist Kathy Temin. Some acquisitions have entered the collection in response to recent Heide exhibitions, while others have been inspired by Heide’s history and environment. Many new acquisitions also reflect a renewed contemporary focus at the gallery, such as Siri Hayes’s and Kim Donaldson’s works, a site- specific painting by Mirka Mora and Callum Morton’s sculpture One to One. While works from the collection are regularly shown in changing exhibitions in Heide I and Heide II, 21st Century Heide offers an opportunity to see a wider range of contemporary art across the entire Heide site.

The exhibition will reveal the material and conceptual diversity that characterises current artistic practice. One room focuses on the nature of visual perception, while another, room-sized installation, will turn the focus to the viewer’s physical experience. Figurative and expressionist works will sit alongside cooler meditations on modernist traditions. Heide’s collection of photographs has increased over the past fifteen years. This is a a medium that was not collected in early years and the new emphasis on it is an acknowledgment of the importance of photography to contemporary art, as seen in works by Micky Allen, Daniel Crook, Siri Hayes, Jacky Redgate and David Thomas.

Abstraction is an important feature in the Heide II display of paintings and prints from the 1960s to today. The abstract art on display will vary from the minimal to the exuberant; the flat and decorative to the materially dense. Recent donations on display will include Tremor, 2000, by Rosslyn Piggott; Sam Atyeo’s late painting Appose, c.1980; textiles by Erica McGilchrist; and, monochrome prints and collages by John Nixon.

Several large contemporary sculptures will create an element of surprise at Heide I, which will recall the experience that visitors in the early years would have had when seeing new art in the Reeds’ home. They are accompanied by a selection of prints and paintings by contemporary artists, and a group of small works by Agatha Gothe-Snape and Peter Tyndall relating to Sidney Nolan’s Ned Kelly and Moonboy.

Exhibition Curators: Lesley Harding, Linda Michael and Kendrah Morgan

Heide Museum of Modern Art | 7 Templestowe Road, Bulleen VIC 3105

Exhibition Dates: 28 March 2015 until 14th June 2015.

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 5pm Exhibition entry is free with admission to the gallery (Adult $16/Senior $14/Concession $12/Child under 12 FREE) Member FREE

Website: http://www.heide.com.au/exhibitions/21st-century-heide-the-collection-since-2000/edate/2015-03-28/eid/804