Exhibition | Napoleon: Revolution to Empire, NGV International

Napoleon: Revolution to Empire

NGV International, June 2nd to 7th October 2012

Jacques Louis-David, Napoleon Crossing the Alps.

This year’s Melbourne Winter Masterpiece, Napoleon: Revolution to Empire, has opened at the National Gallery of Victoria International. The exhibition traces the career of Napoleon Bonaparte from the latter part of the French Revolution through his rise to Emperor and to his exile to St Helena in 1815.

The exhibition includes a number of exceptional paintings, with a particular emphasis on portraits of Napoleon, his family and various important people from the Napoleonic era. There is also a rich selection of decorative arts including jewellery, furniture and dinner services.

The exhibition is organised around several themes that take the visitor from the fall of the ancien régime and the rise of Napoleon as a military leader during the French Revolution. Other themes include the relationship between Napoleon and Josephine, Josephine and Malmaison, Napoleon and Australia, Napoleon as emperor and finally his exile to St Helena.

The exhibition opened on Saturday June 2nd and is on until October 7th 2012. There will be a number of late night openings, supported by the City of Melbourne, including one on Bastille Day, July 14 and an all night opening on the final weekend of the exhibition.

The gallery has created a detailed exhibition website and there is a series of public programs that can be viewed on the website.

Stay tuned to MAN for exhibition reviews and for details of upcoming events associated with this exhibition.