Talk and Launch: ‘The Three Ages of Terence’

October 15, 2020

The Three Ages of Terence

Andrew Turner and Bernard Muir are launching the new Terence Digital Facsimile Edition (link below), called ‘The 3 Ages of Terence’. The talk will focus on the transformations of Terence’s plays from the Late Antique period through the Middle Ages and into the early stages of the print tradition. The features of the new DVD will also be demonstrated. This is the third lecture in an ongoing series focusing on the workings of the monastic scriptorium in the Middle Ages.

Date: Monday 22 November at 6 pm

Venue: University House, The University of Melbourne (Parkville)

There will be drinks and snacks from 5.30 (free to members; $10 for other guests) and the talk will be followed by an optional dinner at the House. Please confirm your interest in attending by calling the House on 8344 5254 or by emailing Kristy Brown at

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