The Reluctant Master: A symposium to honour the life and work of Romaldo Giurgola

The Reluctant Master

A symposium to honour the life and work of Romaldo Giurgola

Through his professional practice, writings and teaching, Romaldo Giurgola (1920 – ) has been a formidable participant in the international architectural discourse for over 60 years.

This symposium provides an opportunity to reflect upon the many facets of this long career and its impact on the discipline.

This is a free public symposium. Please register on the Melbourne School of Design website here.

Date: Saturday August 20th, 2011 9:00am – 6:15pm

Venue: The Oratory, Newman College, 887 Swanston Street, The University of Melbourne, Parkville

Symposium Programme

09:00 Professor Paolo Tombesi, University of Melbourne ‘Introduction: (Rom)Aldo’


09:20 Chair: Dr Flavia Marcello, Deakin University

09:30 Professor Stephen Frith, University of Canberra –  ‘Aldo and Rome: The early years’

10:00 Dr Riccardo Vannucci, FAREstudio Architects, Rome – ‘Aldo and Mario: Architecture as drawing, building as craft’

10:30 Professor Paolo Tombesi, University of Melbourne – ‘Aldo and William: Giurgola, Fulbright and the Italy-US relationship’

11:00 – 11:20 Morning Tea


11:30 Chair: Professor Ross King, University of Melbourne

11:40 Professor David Leatherbarrow, University of Pennsylvania – ‘Aldo and Perkins: Academia, practice and the Philadelphia School’

12:10 Brendan Beier, National Trust/NFFUSA, New York – ‘Aldo and Benjamin: Preserving the work of Mitchell/Giurgola’

12:40 Professor Jaimini Mehta, Baroda, India – ‘Aldo and Louis: Critiquing the Modern’

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch


14:00 Chair: Dr Conrad Hamann , RMIT University

14:10 Professor Francesco Benelli, Columbia University, New York ‘ Aldo and Rudolf: Art, city and architecture in Giurgola’s teaching’

14:40 Dr Annmarie Brennan, University of Melbourne – ‘Aldo and Bob: A perspective on Perspecta 9/10’

15:10 Luigi Rosselli, Luigi Rosselli Architects, Sydney – ‘Aldo and the reluctant disciples: The question of pluralism and principles’

15:40 – 16:10 Afternoon Tea


16:10 Chair: Andrew Hutson, University of Melbourne

16:20 Robert Thorne, HBO+EMTB, Canberra ‘Aldo and work: The craft of Architecture’

16:50 Professor James Weirick, University of New South Wales ‘Aldo and the public realm: The city as commons’

17:20 Dr Paola Favaro, University of New South Wales ‘Aldo and Paola: La casa di campagna at Lake Bathurst’

17:50 Professor Philip Goad, University of Melbourne ‘Concluding remarks: Aldo, Jørn, Walter and us’

6:15 Closing refreshments: Sydney Myer Asia Centre

All enquires to symposium organisers:

Dr Annmarie Brennan
Phone: 03 8344 7203
Email: brea (

Professor Paolo Tombesi
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