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Lecture | Murujuga Marni – the Burrup Petroglyphs in Context Australia’s Oldest Rock Art Under Threat? | Ken Mulvaney

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Murujuga Marni – the Burrup Petroglyphs in Context: Australia’s Oldest Rock Art Under Threat? Dr Ken Mulvaney, archaeologist and cultural heritage specialist, will explain the global significance of the rock art of the Burrup Peninsula/Murujuga. Ken Mulvaney lives in Dampier and is Rio Tinto’s Cultural Heritage specialist. His PhD in archaeology was on the rock art of the Dampier Archipelago, including the Burrup Peninsula / Murujuga. The site contains over a million ancient rock carvings that provide a unique record of human culture going back 30,000 years. It’s older than…

Symposium | Iconoclasm | University of Melbourne, September 6th


ICONOCLASM – A Symposium Symposium to be chaired by Dr Gerard Vaughan, Gerry Higgins Professorial Fellow Conveners: Dr F Harley-McGowan, Gerry Higgins Lecturer in Medieval Art History  Dr Justin Clemens, Senior Lecturer, English School of Culture and Communication, The University of Melbourne The history of images is inseparable from the history of the hostility towards images. In its most extreme expressions, this hostility can become an injunction to the breaking of all images: iconoclasm. Sometimes certain images or kinds of image have been banned from being made, circulated, or exhibited; sometimes…

Lecture | Unlocking the Story Behind Kimberley Rock Art: New Perspectives - Archaeology, chronology and rock art in the north west Kimberley - Dr June Ross


Dr June Ross gives us the next chapter in the story begun by Grahame Walsh when he recognised the significance of the ancient rock art in the Kimberley.

The Change & Continuity project aims to establish a chronology and social context for the production of rock art in the region. The project has involved 23 researchers across a range of disciplines and two Indigenous communities.

Art History Seminar Series at Melbourne University | Semester 1 Program

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Art History Seminars at the School of Culture and Communication, Melbourne University Semester 1, 2013 Wednesdays 1-2 pm Venue: ‘The Linkway‘, John Medley Building, 4th Floor All Welcome 6 March | Robert Gunn, George Chaloupka Fellow, Museums & Art Galleries of NT | The Jawoyn rock art project 13 March | Susan Russell | Former Assistant Director, British School at Rome | Herman van Swanevelt, Gaspard Dughet and Bad Weather 27 March | Kathleen Kiernan | University of Melbourne | Refashioning Dutch Art into the English Landscape: The Commercialisation of Landscape Prints in Eighteenth-Century London 17 April…