Help Wanted on Regional Galleries Research

Can you help Dr Don Edgar with his research on Victoria’s regional art galleries? See his note below.

I am currently trying to complete a book about the development of Victoria’s unique network of regional art galleries – titled ‘Art for the Country’ – and would appreciate any information others may have on their early years and growth up to the present. The book starts with the first new regional gallery at Mildura, the establishment of the Victorian Public Galleries Group in 1957, then asks what the ‘old’ provincial city galleries (Ballarat, Bendigo, Ballarat, Warrnambool, Geelong and later Castlemaine) were doing before they came on board. It documents the struggle to get better funding for all regional galleries, the (somewhat wavering) support of the NGV, early travelling exhibitions, training of more professional directors, and the often acrimonious conflict of values in local communities over funding for the arts over other more ‘practical’ ratepayer concerns. I have early VPGG/VPGA minutes and interviews with several of those involved in the early years of Mildura, Benalla, Hamilton, Castlemaine, Warrnambool and Geelong but as yet have little on the early years of Shepparton, Ararat, Stawell, and other galleries that came on board later on. Any leads would be appreciated.

Please contact Dr Don Edgar

104 Rose St, Fitzroy, Vic 3065


Phone: 0418 177 376

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