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Issue 8

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Front and End Matter

Chapter 1. Editorial

Chapter 2: Christopher R. Marshall – ‘The Spirit of Caesar in this Soul of a Woman’: Artemisia Gentileschi and the Will to Succeed, 1629–1654

Chapter 3: Anne Neale – Land Labour and Gold: Eugen von Guérard or Edward La Trobe Bateman?

Chapter 4: Francis Ebury – The Trail of the Title: Image and Text in Australian Pictorialist Photography

Chapter 5: Irena Zdanowicz – Painting from the Inside Out: Fred Williams’ Travels and His Relationship to the European Tradition

Chapter 6: Lesley den Hartog – Chinese Gardens in Australia: Diasporic Gardens or Theme Parks?

Chapter 7: Jaynie Anderson – Interrogating Joe Burke and His Legacy

Chapter 8: Sheridan Palmer – Ursula Hoff and the German Tradition

Chapter 9: Colin Holden – Towards an Intimate Portrait: Insights from Ursula Hoff’s Diaries while Felton Bequest Adviser

Chapter 10: Monica Lausch – Franz Philipp and the Vienna School of Art History in Australia

Chapter 11: Art History Theses at Universities in Melbourne Completed in 2003–2005

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