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Front Matter

Editorial – The Italians Exhibition

Joan Barclay Lloyd – The Margaret Manion Lecture 2000: Mary Queen of the Angels; Byzantine and Roman Images of the Virgin and Child Enthroned with Attendant Angels

Alison Inglis – The Margaret Manion Lecture 2001: ‘The Queen of the South’: Archaeology and Empire in Edward J. Poynter’s The Visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon

Merilyn Savill – The Triple Portrait of Pierre Bernard, Gérard Edelinck and Nicholas de Largillière and the Debate in the French Academy in 1668 over the Status of Engravers

Paul Paffen – A Grand Illusion: Benjamin Duterrau and The Conciliation

Iva Rosario – Josej Kucîk’s Sgraffito Murals in the Church of the Holy Trinity, New Norcia

Art History Theses at Universities in Melbourne completed in 2000