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Europe and Australia

Edited by David R. Marshall

Issue 11-12

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Chapter 1: Front matter, contributors and abstracts

Chapter 2: Ruth Pullin – The Vulkaneifel and Victoria’s Western District: Eugen von Guérard and the Geognostic Landscape

Chapter 3: Caroline Jordan and Veronica Filmer – ‘Old Sayer’s Picture Gallery’: James Whitley Sayer, Founder of the Geelong Gallery

Chapter 4: Mark Stocker – ‘Director of the Canoe’: The Auckland Statue of Sir George Grey

Chapter 5: Katti Williams – Sublime Ruins: William Lucas’ Project for the Australian WWI War Memorial at Villers-Bretonneux, France

Chapter 6: David Maskill – Imperial Lines: Harold Wright (1885–1961): Printmaking and Collecting at the End of Empire

Chapter 7: Simon Pierse – Sir Kenneth Clark: Deus Ex Machina of Australian Art

Chapter 8: Richard Read – Intra-Extra-Recto-Verso: Reversed Paintings and Ontological Realm

Chapter 9: Alex Baker – It’s All About You: Generosity in the Art of Harrell Fletcher