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Issue 1

Derek Gillman – The Export of National Treasures: Reasonable or Treasonable?

Astrid Wooton – On Circe’s Island: Subversive Power Relationships in a Painting by Sinibaldo Scorza

Alison Leach – Bellotto’s Forum Romanun in the National Gallery of Victoria Reconsidered

Catherine Dynan – The 1989 Design for Flinders Street Station: James Fawcett, Henry Ashworth and the Arts and Crafts Movement.

Issue 2

Barbara Creed – Modernity and Misogyny: Film and the Public Erotic

Mark P. McDonald – A Drawing by Antonio del Castillo y Saavedra in the British Museum

Jillian Dwyer – The Lone Hand Case: the Critical Response to Bernard Hall’s Sleep in New Zealand

Joan E. Barclay Lloyd – The Architecture of the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Hawthorn

Issue 3

Dagmar Eichberger –  Ursula Hoff: A Tribute

Stephen Weil – The Margaret Manion Lecture 1998: When the Audience takes Stage Centre

Susan Russell – Virtuous Women: the Decoration of Donna OlimpiaPamphili’s Audience Room in the Palazzo Pamphili in Piazza Navona

Lisa Beaven – Camillo Massimi as Patron of Sculptors: François Duquesnoy, Alessandro Algardi, Francesco Fontana and Cosimo Fancelli

Alison Inglis –  ‘Painting for Eternity’: Edward Poynter and the the ‘Kensington Valhalla’