Exhibition | Experimenta Makes Sense: International Triennial of Media Art | Plimsoll Gallery

Image credit: Matthew Gardiner, The Folded Geometry of the Universe (2016). Photo by Nicky Pastore © Experimenta Media Arts


Exhibition dates: 21st Apr – 27th May 2018

Plimsoll Gallery, School of Creative Arts, University of Tasmania, Hunter Street, Hobart, Tasmania

Gallery Hours: Wed – Mon 12pm – 5pm (during exhibitions), Closed Tuesdays and Public holidays

Artists | Robert AndrewElla BarclayMichele Barker and Anna MunsterBriony Barr,Steve Berrick, Antoinette J. CitizenAdam Donovan and Katrin HochschuhLauren EdmondsLiz Magic Laser, Jon McCormackLucy McRaeGail PriestMatthew GardinerJane GauntlettScale Free Network: Briony Barr and Gregory CrocettiAndrew StyanJudy Watson and Katarina Zdjelar.

Experimenta Makes Sense: International Triennial of Media Art expresses the disconcerting and delightful world of the digital age. Both playful and thought provoking, this exhibition asks audiences to immerse their senses into a ‘thinking’, ‘feeling’ and ‘doing’ contemplation of what it is to be human in an age of technological acceleration.

The exhibition investigates how artists ‘make sense’ of our world, and invites us to explore our understanding of the present. In a time of accelerating technological changes to our society and culture, Experimenta Make Sense investigates our extreme present. The term ‘extreme present’ was recently coined to capture the impact of accelerating technological change on society and culture: a time where it feels impossible to maintain pace with the present, let alone the future. A challenge for 21st century humanity is that “we have Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions and god-like technologies”, according to Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson. We humans still ‘make sense’ of our world through our physical selves and our cultures. The artworks exhibited in Experimenta Make Sense engage directly with this

More about Experimenta Makes Sense: http://www.utas.edu.au/creative-arts/events/art-hobart/2018/april/experimenta-make-sense-international-triennial-of-media-art

Public Programs: http://experimenta.org/makesense/events/

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