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Buy Issue 9/10
Art, Site and Spectacle. Studies in Early Modern Visual Culture

Edited by David R. Marshall

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Chapter 1: Front matter, David R. Marshall – Preface, contributors and abstracts

Chapter 2: Robert W. Gaston – Introduction: Some Meditations on Space and Place in Recent Florentine Art History

Chapter 3: Hugh Hudson – Paolo Uccello and Fra Angelico in the Early Quattrocento

Chapter 4: Piers Baker-Bates – Sebastiano del Piombo’s Úbeda Pietà: Between Italy and Spain

Chapter 5: Karin Wolfe – Francesco Trevisani and Landscape: Joseph Sold into Slavery in the National Gallery of Victoria

Chapter 6: Robert W. Gaston – Untangling the Mannerist Narrative: Bronzino, Moses, and Eleonora of Toledo in the Palazzo de’Signori, Florence

Chapter 7: Christina Strunck – ‘The Marvel Not Only of Rome, But of All Italy’: The Galleria Colonna, Its Design History and Pictorial Programme 1661–1700

Chapter 8:  Arnold Witte – Hermits in High Society: Private Retreats in Late Seicento Rome

Chapter 9: David R. Marshall – Giovanni Paolo Panini as Architectural Critic: The Competition for the Facade of S. Giovanni in Laterano in 1732 and the Quirinal Caffeaus

Chapter 10: Lisa Beaven – Claude Lorrain’s Harbour Scenes: Sun, Science and the Theatre in the Barberini Years

Chapter 11: Katrina Grant – Teatri di Verzura: Hedge Theatres in Baroque Lucca

Chapter 12: Mark D. Shepheard – ‘Will the Real Boccherini Please Stand Up’: New Light on an Eighteenth-Century Portrait in the National Gallery of Victoria

Chapter 13: Ted Gott – ‘It is Lovely to be a Gorilla, Sometimes’: The Art and Influence of Emmanuel Fremiet, Gorilla Sculptor