Exhibition | The Jesus Trolley | City Gallery

jesus_trolley_web-43The Jesus Trolley | 30 years of Desmond Hynes pushing art and Jesus on the streets of Melbourne curated by Joanna Bosse

Melbourne has been a stomping ground for street preachers for more than a century. In recent decades, Desmond Hynes has been the Nº. 1 evangelist, proselytising through both the oral and written word.

The lately ‘retired’ Hynes combines the visual power of art and advertising on hand-painted signs and shopping trolleys covered in Jesus slogans. Unrefined and yet savvy, his unique hand-lettering is urgent and compelling, transcending the religious content of his god-fearing message.

Opening Night: Thursday 8th September at 6:00pm with guest speaker Red Symons
Venue: City Gallery, Melbourne Town Hall

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