Exhibition | Debris Facility Pty Ltd ‘Endolith Morphology’ | Gertrude Glasshouse

Image: Crytoendolith, digital collage, sweat and clenching, 2016-2022.

Image: Crytoendolith, digital collage, sweat and clenching, 2016-2022.

Exhibition dates: 16 July–6 August 2016
Exhibition opening: Saturday 16 July, 4–6pm

Location: 44 Glasshouse Road, Collingwood VIC 3066

Gertrude Contemporary is pleased to present Endolith Morphology, a solo exhibition by Debris Facility Pty Ltd and its Constituent Employees and Stakeholders at Gertrude Glasshouse.

With Endolith Morphology, the Debris Facility Pty Ltd will be Entangling itself in the Showroom surrounds of Gertrude Glasshouse. The public appearance and Inhabitation will utilise Processes of Digestion to obtain Newtrition from materials of Speculative Nourishment. With an attenuated focus on the particular Physical Qualities of mineral samples, we will burrow into them, to further the scope of the Body Corporate. Through Professional Partnerships with other Practitioners, the Scope of Operations has increased, with Video, Performance, Audio offered up as part of a Diverse portfolio of Site Responsive Installation Services.  The Architectural scope of the Gallery will be Amplified through Incursions of chrome scaffolding structures, which act as Framing Devices for plastic membranes; Reactive to Movements, Light and Temperature. The activity from within the gallery allows for the Transport and Logistics of operations to be brought in, Processed, and to Continue on within the care of other Agential Forces. The Facility will be Going Though the Motions within Glasshouse during some Gallery hours, and outside of Public Access viewing times, to Accumulate and Corrode the works and context over the Exhibition Period.

The Debris Facility Pty Ltd undertook a Corporate Takeover of the former practice Dan Bell in 2015 as a means to Amplify Processes of Resource Re-purposing, Affective labour exchanges, De-materialisation of Value, and Mutations through transport and logistics. The Facility utilises a haptic program of Alterations to objects and contexts, with Public Occurrences existing in States of Flux. The Facility staff aim to provide High Quality services to its Stakeholders in Any Means Engaged. Standards of Excellence will be weaponised to Address any and all Situations The Facility will Encounter: the Adsorption and Parasitic Methods generate a Sumptuous Platter to Feast on.

Public Programs

Thursday 21 July, 5-7pm: Performance

Saturday 6 August, 3pm: Debris Facility in conversation with Mark Feary, Artistic Director, Gertrude Contemporary

Debris Facility appears couresty of Debris Facility Pty Ltd


This venue is wheelchair accessible.

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