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ian burn symposium

Image: Ian Burn shaving in front of his Mirror Piece(1967), New York.

A symposium presented by Art & Australia at VCA |Turning on Burn: A Reflective Conversation

This symposium explores and speculates upon the work and legacy of Australian conceptual artist Ian Burn (1939–1993). After graduating from the National Gallery of Art School (now the VCA School of Art), Burn spent much of his career working in the avant-garde scenes of London and New York. He was a key member of Art & Language, a collaborative group who produced the ground-breaking publication  Art–Language and included artists Roger Cutforth, Joseph Kosuth and Mel Ramsden. Returning to Australia in 1977, Burn became involved in the Art Workers Union (AWU), a political and social platform that championed artists’ rights and helped change the landscape and expectations under which artists work in Australia. In addition to his artistic practice he also taught art history, developing an individual mode of political critique of art history at the Power Institute in Sydney.

The exhibition 1969 The Black Box of Conceptual Artpresenting the work of Ian Burn, Roger Cutforth and Mel Ramsden and curated by Ann Stephen is currently showing at the Margaret Lawrence Gallery. The work of Ian Burn is represented by Milani Gallery, Brisbane.

Speakers include: Professor Rex Butler; Dr Edward Colless; David Homewood; Dr Toby Juliff; ​Paris Lettau; Victoria Perin; Dr Asta Rowe; Dr Ann Stephen; Nic Tammens; Amelia Winata, and David Wlazlo.

For full detals of speakers and the program see:

Date: 1:30-5:15pm Wednesday 4 May, 2016. Followed by drinks in the Margaret Lawrence Gallery.

Venue: VCA Art School Auditorium, Building 877, entry via gate 4 on Dodds Street, Southbank

Further enquiries: Contact the Margaret Lawrence Gallery on 03 9035 9400 or email here.

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