Lecture | Gertrude–Discipline Lecture #3 | Timothy Moore

unnamed (13)The third Gertrude Contemporary–Discipline lecture for 2015 will be given by Timothy Moore on Tuesday the 28th of April, at 6pm for a 6.30pm start. Please N.B. the change of venue to Kalex at 166 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy.

Temporary architecture — that forms a community pavilion or event, a communal working space, artistic intervention, cultural platform or gastronomical destination — has had increased attention in wealthy economies in the twenty-first century. The pop-up project soon pops-down, however its effects are far from temporary. This is the screensaver, where a temporary project acts as a transition slide for a city yet to come. Screensaver architecture can be read cynically as low-cost aesthetic camouflage that may disguise speculative development to follow. Or it may provide fleeting moments to create new civic meaning and forms outside of market-driven property and planning frameworks. Whatever position you may take, the screensaver needs you, the creative, to join in on the fun. What should you do as a creative citizen? Do you resist, revolutionise or compromise? What is the potential of screensaver architecture, which straddles two moments in time?

Timothy Moore is a director of architecture office SIBLING, which is completing two projects in Collingwood, VICE’s Australian headquarters and a contemporary gallery that will house a Gertrude Contemporary project space. Prior to SIBLING, Timothy worked at architecture offices in Melbourne, Amsterdam and Berlin, and as an editor for two influential architecture magazines, Volume and Architecture Australia. Timothy’s work has extended beyond architecture and publishing to strategic urban design when working as a project director for Right Angle Studio developing temporary activation strategies for large urban regeneration sites, and is currently undertaking a PhD in the University of Melbourne’s Architecture, Building and Planning Faculty on this topic. He currently sits on the City of Yarra Arts Room To Create Advisory Committee, and is co-creating a series of community conversations for the City of Melbourne as a core commitment of its Arts Strategy.

The Gertrude Contemporary–Discipline Contemporary Art Lecture Series is a collaboration between Melbourne-based contemporary art journal Discipline and Gertrude Contemporary. Established in April 2013, the series presents lectures on key concerns, artists and theories of contemporary art. Invited lecturers speak from the perspective of a variety of different disciplines — including philosophy, cultural studies, art history and literary studies — as well as from academic and non-academic backgrounds.

Date: Tuesday the 28th of April, at 6pm for a 6.30pm start.

Venue: Please N.B. the change of venue to Kalex at 166 Gertrude Street

Website: http://www.gertrude.org.au/