Seminar | A New Document for Ghiberti at Santa Maria Novella in Florence | Hugh Hudson

A New Document for Ghiberti at Santa Maria Novella in Florence: The Confraternity of St Peter Martyr between Convent and Commune |
Dr Hugh Hudson, University of Melbourne

An unpublished reference in a book of the Confraternity of St Peter Martyr in the Archivio di Stato di Firenze shows that Lorenzo Ghiberti was among a group of 27 Florentine citizens who met in early 1414, of whom four were elected captains for the year. This raises a number of questions about confraternal practices in early Renaissance Florence. Did one have to be a member of a confraternity to elect, or be elected as, its captain? How much did the organisation of more convent-supported confraternities differ from more lay, or independent, confraternities? Through reference to published confraternal statutes, as well as unpublished archival records, the paper will take this new Ghiberti document as a point of departure to investigate wider issues relating to the negotiation of lay devotional practices between ecclesiastical and communal authorities in early Renaissance Florence.

Venue:Old Arts Room 209 – Graduate Seminar Room 2
Date: 6:15pm, 20 October 2014

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