Lecture | Murujuga Marni – the Burrup Petroglyphs in Context Australia’s Oldest Rock Art Under Threat? | Ken Mulvaney

Murujuga Marni – the Burrup Petroglyphs in Context: Australia’s Oldest Rock Art Under Threat?

Dr Ken Mulvaney, archaeologist and cultural heritage specialist, will explain the global significance of the rock art of the Burrup Peninsula/Murujuga.

Ken Mulvaney lives in Dampier and is Rio Tinto’s Cultural Heritage specialist. His PhD in archaeology was on the rock art of the Dampier Archipelago, including the Burrup Peninsula / Murujuga. The site contains over a million ancient rock carvings that provide a unique record of human culture going back 30,000 years. It’s older than any rock art in Europe. Yet astoundingly the landscape also supports a thriving billion dollar energy business- a gas refinery, which in 2014 will export 4 million tonnes of LNG to China!

Ken will talk about the history of the Archipelago, the many conflicting interests in its management, and what is being done to protect this unique and important cultural heritage landscape for future generations.

Date: Wednesday 2 April, 12.30pm

Venue: Federation Hall, Grant St, Southbank

Further enquiries: Contact the Margaret Lawrence Gallery on 03 9035 9400 or email ml-gallery@unimelb.edu.au

Free admission and all welcome

More information on the Burrup Murujuga rock art can be found at www.fara.com.au