Conference | Spectres of Evaluation

The Centre for Cultural Partnerships, VCA & MCM, University of Melbourne & Footscray Community Arts Centre jointly present the conference ‘Spectres of Evaluation’, to be held on the banks of the Maribyrnong River at Footscray Community Arts Centre in Melbourne, Australia, February 6-7, 2014.

About the Conference

Today, the making of art is haunted by spectres of evaluation, with competing claims and judgments about the limits, uses, and value of art. This international conference examines creative and critical approaches to evaluation and value in relation to community-engaged arts practice. Taking its cue from the artwork Spectre of Evaluation (Thomas Hirschhorn, 2008) the conference looks to reconfigure the relationship between artists, art experts, and what the artist terms the ‘non-exclusive audience’.

Through diverse and creative formats and a range of local and international speakers, these timely conversations also explore the relationship between established community arts practices and the appearance of new forms of collaboration and engagement across a range of disciplines, from participatory design to social practice. An integrated artistic program will features the work of  research partners: Change Media, CuriousWorks, Other Film Festival, and tbC. 
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