Symposium | Colonial Art Exhibitions: Past, Present Future

November 13, 2012

Colonial Art Exhibitions: Past, Present Future

Robert Havell and Robert Dale Panoramic view of King Georges Sound, part of the colony of Swan River (detail) 1834 Steel engraving, aquatint and watercolour on three sheets 18 x 271.4 cm The University of Melbourne Art Collection

The last decade has witnessed a resurgence of interest in Australian colonial art, with an unprecedented number of important exhibitions being held in our major art galleries (national, state and regional) and libraries. This symposium brings together many of Australia’s leading directors, senior librarians, curators, conservators and academics to discuss the past, present and future interpretation of colonial art in this country. Speakers include John McPhee, Julie Gough, Gordon Morrison, Jane Hylton, David Hansen, Ruth Pullin, Richard Neville, John Jones, Lisa Slade, Simon Gregg, Alisa Bunbury, Chris McAuliffe, and many others.

Full program is available here (pdf)

Date: Friday, 23  (9am-8pm) – Saturday 24th (1oam-4:15pm) November 2012

Venues: Session 1 – 23rd Nov, 9.00am – 5.15pm, Sunderland Theatre, Medicine (Building 181), The University of Melbourne

Session 2 – 23rd Nov, 6.15 – 8.00 pm, Theatre A, Elisabeth Murdoch (Building 134), The University of Melbourne

Session 3 – 24th Nov, 10.00am – 4.15pm, Theatre A, Elisabeth Murdoch (Building 134), The University of Melbourne

Organiser: Alison Inglis (The University of Melbourne), assisted by Peter Dowling (independent curator and writer)

Registration: There is no registration fee but please register to attend. Visit the InTouch Colonial Art Exhibitions registration web page.

Enquiries: Contact Alison Inglis in the School of Culture and Communication at or 8344 7448.

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