Call for Papers: AAANZ Annual Conference, 2011 – Wellington, New Zealand

AAANZ Annual Conference, 2011 – ‘Contact’

7-9 December 2011, Victoria University of Wellington

Announcing the 2011 Art Association of Australia and New Zealand Annual conference, on the theme of ‘Contact’ to be held at Victoria University, Rutherford House, Pipitea Campus, Wellington, New Zealand

Delegates are advised that the format of the 2011 conference is different from recent conferences in that there is no Call for Sessions, only a Call for Papers. Delegates are asked to address one of the major strands of the conference in their proposals. Papers will be placed into cognate groupings within these broad strands. This form is being adopted in the interests of coherence and to streamline the timetabling of sessions. Your cooperation is appreciated.

The Art Association of Australia and New Zealand 2011 Annual conference is focused on the single overarching theme Contact.

‘Contact’ evokes encounters between cultures, peoples and objects and the issues and outcomes they spark. The organisers welcome papers on topics or issues related to this theme, whether these are about the encounter between one culture and another, between viewer and art work or between one artist or art work and another. Participants are encouraged to think creatively about the theme. We welcome proposals that address themselves to resistance and hybridity, intersection and divergence, purity and pollution, and other related questions raised by the theme of contact. We encourage proposals for papers from art historians, artists, critics, curators and post-graduate students.


Okuwi Enwezor (New York and Munich based curator and writer)

Professor Darcy Grimaldo Grigsby (university of California, Berkeley)

The public is invited to purchase separate tickets to the keynote lectures ($30 NZD each).


All proposals must be submitted electronically to using the Paper Proposal Form (.doc)


Papers will be grouped into four broad strands, each addressing the issue of contact.

Cultural – The variety of cultural contacts: cross-cultural contacts between settler and indigenous cultures; contacts between metropolitan and ‘provincial’ centres; hybridity

Material – The materiality of the art work: physical proximity of the art work and the beholder; production; indexicality; collecting, authenticity, reproduction and copies

Social – The complex ways in which social contacts are made: the internet; the social engagement of art with its audiences; exhibition and reception histories and theories; social networks and artistic exchange

Spatial/Temporal – Spatial and temporal proximities: the trans-spatial and trans-temporal potentialities of new media; transnational art histories; how art historians negotiate spatial and temporal distance in their work


Post-graduate students are invited to submit proposals for 10-minute presentations that will be grouped into appropriately themed panels by the conference organizers. Chaired by arts professionals, these panels will offer students the opportunity to receive feedback from experts in the field.


If you would be willing to Chair a Post-Graduate panel, please send an email indicating your area of expertise to with the subject line: Post-Grad Chair offer.

For all enquiries please visit the AAANZ website or contact AAANZ directly.